What is Google redirect virus and learn how to remove it completely from your computer.
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Google Redirect Virus Removal Instructions

Remove Google Redirect Virus and other types of browser hijackers and search engine redirecting malware.

How To Remove Google Redirect Virus

The Google Redirect Virus is a very harmful program (browser hijacker) uploaded to the Internet by cyber criminals to hijack online web browsers and manipulate result links in search engines such as Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, Ask.com and Search.Aol.com. The "Google redirect virus" is actually a combination of several very malicious malware threats called TDL-4 rootkit (modifiaction of former TDL3) also known as Alureon or TDSS trojan virus. The rootkit is designed to infiltrate Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platform computer systems. Once inside a compromised computer, it will modify critical Internet settings and various other system components to perform its malicious redirecting functions.

The Google redirect virus has the capability to hijack and redirect almost any web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. The search engine redirecting virus is usually spread via free software downloads, video codecs and file sharing applications. It is also known to infect Internet users through fake update notifications and bogus virus alerts activated by malicious drive-by-download scripts installed onto hacked or malicious websites.

Google.com Yahoo.com Bing.com Ask.com Search.Aol.com

Removal of the Google redirect virus is especially difficult though it can hide from regular antivirus detection by injecting itself into running memory processes and adding/deleting entries and values inside the registry, HOSTS file and DNS. It may also block the hijacked browser from visiting certain security related websites and downloading malware removal applications. That is the reason why most Anti-virus and Anti-spyware applications fail to detect and remove this irritating search hijacker. The main purpose behind the malicious redirection is to gain hackers financial benefits by forcing unaware search engine users to visit websites containing spam advertisements and malware.

Besides that the Google redirect virus is extremely annoying it may also pose a serious threat to your privacy by stealing private information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data stored on your computer. It may also delete crucial system files and significantly degrade your browser and system performance.

We strongly recommend you to perform a free antivirus scan with one of the following antivirus applications and remove Google redirect virus and realted rootkit infections as soon as detected.

Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool
(XP SP2+ 32bit, Vista SP1+ 32bit/64bit, Windows 7 32bit/64bit)

Further symptoms of Google redirect virus may include:

  • Frequent Windows freezes
  • Slow computer and browser speed
  • Blue screen of death and system shot-downs
  • Issues with the Internet connection
  • Unknown pop up advertisements
  • Fake update notifications and virus alerts
  • Browser opening unknown pages (hijacked home page and search page)
If you are experincing Google search redirect virus download Free Virus scanner and remove the malicious redirect in less than 3 minutes!

Google Redirect Virus Manual Removal Videos

Video Titel:   Google Redirect Fix - For Most Browsers Beeing Redirected
Description:   This video describes an easy manual fix if your browser is being redirected to sites with advertisements when searching on Google, Bing or other search engines. Basically it gives you advice on how to reset your home page to Google by disabling browser add-ons, deleting temporary files and resetting certain Internet Explorer settings. The removal advice is for computers running Windows XP with Internet Explorer but it may also work with other browsers and operating systems as well. However the author takes no responsibility that this will actually solve the redirect problem.

Video Titel:   Google Redirect TDSS Virus Removal
Description:   This is another great Google redirection virus removal video if you have decided to repair the redirect problem manually. It gives details on how to diagnose and hopefully remove the search redirect permanently by changing back important network and internet settings on your infected computer. The malware installed on your system will modify your system’s DNS servers and change them to different websites in such way that it will be almost impossible to perform searches online or receive updates for your security software. This detailed video gives you instructions on how to restore these crucial settings inside the default system32 hosts file. We Recommend this video for advanced users.

Technical details of Google redirect virus

Malware Specification
General name:
Google redirect virus
Also known as:
Google virus, google search virus, google redirecting virus, google redirection virus, google search redirect virus
Type of malware:
Trojan virus
Sub type:
Short description:
Google redirect virus is a malware variant that changes proxy settings and registry to hijack users' internet browsers. The redirect virus is created to steal search traffic by redirecting Google.com and other online searches to corrupt websites. The malicious rootkit application my facilitates remote access and control of the infected computer system.

Threat Levels
Risk level:
Distribution level:
World wide
Removal level:
Very difficult
Damage level:
Infected systems:
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Me, MS Windows 2000 and all versions of Mac OS

Remove Google Redirect Virus
(XP SP2+ 32bit, Vista SP1+ 32bit/64bit, Windows 7 32bit/64bit

Hijacked & Malicious Websites
Qword.com, Intop20.net, Shopcompareus.com, internetsitefind.info, c5.zedo.com, searchqu.com, epoclick.com, results5.google.com, whattoseek.net, qooqle.com, Results.gugle.com, searchandclick59.com, Tazinga.com results.google-analytics.com, Scour.com, supertosearch.com, Search.conduit.com, channelseca.com, Go.google.com, questscan.com, ResultBrowse.com

Files And Locations
TDSSserv.sys, Hosts, TDL3
Windows location:
Mac OS location:

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User Comments


Dose anyone know how to remove the google redirect virus? I've recently started to get redirects when searching on google.co.uk and google.com. First when this happened my IE got hijacked so I uninstalled it but it has now infected my FireFox too. I've tried Malwarebytes and Avira and cleaned the malware off my computer but the redirects remained. This is sooo irritating!!! Please help me!

When I click on a search result in google I can see the correct URL but the link will go to a blank page and redirect me to strange web addressses with fake virus scans. It does this randomly with most search results (about 3 of 5 times) in both google and yahoo. I can close the redirects with Alt F4 but I can’t seem to get rid of the damn virus or whatever that is causing this. I have tried to download free antivirus scans, but most of the time my browser wont load sites like symantec.com, avast.com or bitdefender.com. I use Windows XP SP3 with Internet Exploer 8. These redirects are driving me crazy, I’m desperate to get this google virus of my computer!

I'm getting really frustrated with Google's constant redirects. Every search link I try is being redirected to websites other than what I’m trying to click on. This happens even with Yahoo and Bing searches. I use Internet Explorer 9 and my laptop runs on Windows 7. I ran several antivirus scans (even in safe mode) and managed to remove a lot of viruses, but my Google searches are still redirected to something else. If I click back to the original google result page and click on the same link several times, then it goes the right site. I’m unable to work this way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I believe I have the redirecting virus, when I google it’s redirecting me to spam sites. My browser is much slower and I can’t change the start page, it opens random unknown sites. Copying-pasting links results in redirects too. I have not noticed other issues yet but I would really want this google redirect virus gone before it starts infecting my computer even more. Any removal help would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I have some kind of virus on my computer that always redirects my FireFox browser. It won’t let me get onto certain security sites to download an anti-virus and it redirects me every time I click on a search engine link. I really need help to remove this virus!

Does anyone know how to get rid of the search redirect virus? Any link I click on while using a Google redirects me to completely unrelated websites and I can’t seem to remove it from my computer. The redirect happens with all major browsers I have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE as well. I have not a clue how to fix this problem. I feel like I’m about to go crazy, Please someone help me!!

What's wrong with Google search? I get redirected every time I try to search for something. If I try to click a link it redirects me to a pages with porn pop up ads that I haven't requested.

Does anyone know how to fix/remove the google redirect virus? I've tried every possible thing but can’t seem to get rid of it. Any result I click while using a Google search engine redirects my browser to completely unrelated websites. My Avast scan can’t find anything, I have also tried other scanners to no avail. I’m completely clueless what to do, someone please help!

I'm having issues with a strange redirect that started about a 5 days ago with my Windows Vista computer. I've tried every possible virus scan I could find, from AVG, SpywareDoctor, Malwarebytes but the redirect continues. Whenever I go to google and attempt to click one of the search links, my browser (both IE and Firefox) gets hijacked and redirected to a bunch of random sites like scour.com and yellowpages.com. I would appreciate any help.

I've been having my search links redirected to unknown websites lately. I know its some sort of virus but I’m unable to get it of my computer. I've tried every possible scanner and removal tool even tried to remove it in safe mod but nothing helped. These constant Google redirects are really getting on my nerves and I’m worried if I don’t remove it soon it gets worse.

My yahoo searches started to redirect me elsewhere earlier today, I have Firefox 4.0.1. It happens almost every time and I get these annoying redirects regardless of what search engine I use. This virus is driving me crazy!

I recently got a redirect virus on my laptop and have searched almost a week for a way to remove it but I couldn’t find a single solution that worked. I have windows 7 and IE8 and when if I search for something on bing or google and click on a link it takes me to a bunch of spam sites with advertisements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MY computer was very slow and hang after boot, I tried to remove the infection manually and I managed to remove some of the viruses, but I'm still getting redirected from Google to wierd web sites with spam.

How to remove the google virus which redirects me from Google homepage. I'm currently using explorer and when I try to enter sites through google, i receive a white page saying "waiting for www.google-analytics.com". I tried using ComboFix but it didn't work. I need a program that actually can remove this nasty google virus . I am already running a spyware and anti-virus program but it can't resolve the problem. I'm still getting redirected to other pages. Please need help asap.

Why do i keep getting redirected from google searches? Every time I do a search from google, it redirects me to a random websites. think I have the google virus. I am also getting tidserv request messages. I tried the tdskiller program and don't get that pop up anymore, but everytime i try to click on a google search result, I get redirected to different web pages. I tried running different online malware scans and they found some stuff but did not fix the main problem.

I have spent hours trying to remove this damn googe redirect manualy, even tried 3 different malware scans but notthing worked. I found this site and downloaded the stopzila program and it did the job perfectly. Thanks a lot for the help!!

I have a virus that seems to redirect me to strange sites when I click on links in Google. I've tried several virus and spyware scanners without any results. It would be great If someone could help me out.

I have windows vista and when i do a search on google i get redirected to unwanted sites offering strange programs. I managed to remove the virus from my computer but yesterday google started redirecting me again. Can anyone help me fix this google virus redirect thing?

This removal software is great. The naaasty google virus redirect was giving me a real headache for weeks, until I found your website and downloaded the virus fix. I was about to reinstall my laptop, Thanks you so much!

I'm absolutally frustrated! I got infected with this google redirect virus today. I removed it, but after restarting my computer it's back again. When i search using google and I click on a search result I'm unable to open the page, instead google is redirecting me to another site. Any help woukd be great.

My PC recently acquired a malware. Google search pages look normal but the links redirect to nasty websites. Now my computer runs very slowly and certain pages wont load normaly. I've looked for a solution and tried som free programs, but nothing seem to work.

How to fix the google virus? When I search on google, or yahoo and then click on the search result I’m getting redirected to websites that are not related to the search. I got this virus after downloading free mp3 music today. How do I find the virus and remove it?

My computer and google behave strangely lately, i think my computer has been hijacked by this google virus or spyware. What's the fastest way to remove it without reinstalling my windows system? Thanks for the help.

Finally a program that removed the google redirect!!! I downloaded stopzilla antivirus, and the program really worked, the virus is now completely gone. Thank you!

It looks like I got hijacked by the google redirect virus. I belive I managed to remove most of the malware, still when I open firefox or IE on my computer, the virus continues to redirecting my search terms.

I have been having a really annoying redirect problem this week with a possible google virus. When I search on google.com I occasionally get redirected to random websites. FireFox, Internet Explore and even Chrome failed to bring up the correct links. Any usful removal information would be much appreciated.

I get this weird redirect when I use google or even yahoo and type anything in the search box i get loads of unknown websites and I can't remove them. This is a real nightmare and my antivirus comes up with nothing, is this the google virus? Thanks.

Help!! My browsers has been hijacked by a search engine malware and i'm getting the error message "DCOM server protocol launcher server terminated" I tried to fix it manually but without success.

This google redirect is killing me. Why won't any virus scan get rid of this virus? Running Windows XP SP3. I have spent hours trying removing it without any result. Can someone help me with this virus?

I think I have the same Google redirect virus. I'm being redirected to different websites from Google.com results pages. My antivirus detects nothing, I also ran TDSSkiller without results. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone else having strange redirect issues? When I do a Google, Yahoo or Bing search, and click on one of the resulta, it take me to a completely different websites and I'm unable to download antivirus programs.

I'm getting constantly redirected from google search engine. I don't know much about malware, but does anyone know this "google redirect" virus? Can it harm my computer? Has anyone had it before?

For the past week, google search results has been redirecting me to completely unrelated web pages from what I clicked on. I have tried different online scans but my computer comes clean. Please help!

I have a new Asus laptop that I use for my work. My browser is working fine but I can't use any search engines such as yahoo, google or bing. I get redirected every time I search for something, it's getting really irritating. I have not downloaded or installed any programs during the time this happened, is it possible to get infected by this redirect virus by only browsing?

I have a virus redirecting my google and bing searches to random websites. I have tried running all sorts of free virus and spyware scans but non of the programs picked it up. Today my browser started to freeze when trying to enter any of the sites in my favorites. Any useful response or help would be appreciated!

My browser can't access bing, yahoo or google, instead a fake search page window appears that I never seen before. I have run all kinds of virus programs but they didn't found anything. Any advice would be appreciated!

Could anyone suggest how to remove the Google redirect virus? I have Google.com as my default search engine. Every time I do a search and then click on a link I’m redirected to other websites and some of them try to scan my computer for viruses. I use google daily in my work so Ireally need to get rid of this thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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